The perfect winter escape

As the mercury drops, I can’t help but think about Straddie’s beauty in the cooler months. And I would have to say that winter is arguably the best time to visit North Stradbroke Island.

Cooler days means you can spend longer on some of the most magnificent beaches in the world – all only a hop skip and jump from Brisbane. Long beach walks are a must when you visit!

The cooler weather also means you can better enjoy the many bush walks that criss-cross the island. Walking into Blue Lake in the centre of the island or just exploring the maze of walks abd sand dunes behind main beach at the Point are some of the true wonders. Of course, the gorge walk is an obligatory must for every Straddie  visit and one that can be immediately rewarded with a delicious Gelati ice-cream.

As the long hot summer days disappear, the magnificent crisp, clear air arrives and so do the whales. The sky and the water are clearer in the cooler months, so you can sit for hours on one of the many private rocky outcrops enjoying your own adventure with the wild humpback whales. Researchers often use the Point as it is one of the best land vantage points in Australia to see the migration.

How lucky are we!!