Straddie’s bushfire recovery for Easter

If you’re staying at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island, you wouldn’t even know that bushfires ravaged more than half the island in only three months before.

Luckily the Point was completely protected from the fires, but other areas that suffered impact or even back burning to stop the spread are already growing back.

It’s amazing to see the colour of island when you travel on the ferry from Cleveland to Dunwich. What was an auburn glow across much of the western side of the island in January, now has promising shades of green. And as you drive from Dunwich to Point Lookout, shaggy beards of new growth now dangle off what where dry, desolate skeletons of trees in January.

The lovely rain has helped, but we must remember that bushfires are also a very natural process for the Australian bush – a process that the the flora and fauna have embraced.